Christmas in the Tundra

January 4th, 2012

We’ve been back to sunny SoCal for about a week now and it’s about time for a Christmas update!

In summary, Christmas in the Frozen Tundra (aka Michigan) was cold, exhausting, delicious and full of fun family and best friend time. There were a lot of presents, a lot of meals, a lot of laughs and a whole lotta love. Isn’t that what family vacations are about?

And as much fun as it was, it’s so so nice to be home in our own bed, our own place and in our own life. There’s a saying, “With family you’re twice thankful – once when they come, and once when they go.” And although sad to say goodbye, I was definitely happy to go to my own home.

So here are the highlights of our 2 week Christmas vacation


My best Katie and her little man. The one who’s secrets I know and who knows mine. The one friend in our wedding. The one who’s always there.

My bestest friend in the world, Cari. We’re so incredibly different and ended up together by complete random chance, but we’ve stuck with each other and she’s amazing!

My oldest friend, Maria. I don’t even remember meeting her, I just always remember knowing her. She and her Ginga-Ninja make me happy and inspire me in their marriage and their faith and love.


My brown family

My little nephew got all sorts of lovin. And the best thing about being an Auntie is handing the kid back when he’s crying and no diaper duty. That’s a baby win!

My Mother-in-law and her baby Sunho

Crazy brothers

And my white family


Family outing downtown, had to stop for some java (and wake my Pops up)

Christmas gift madness!

We were very blessed this year with food and friends and gifts and families. It was a wonderful Christmas and end to 2011.

The end.

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