When the Hus is away, the Wife will play!

February 22nd, 2013

Merrick has been on a business trip for the last three weeks.


That is the longest time we’ve been apart in our marriage. We had a 10-day stint apart a couple years ago, but for the most part we’ve been together like birds of a feather – can’t live without each other.

So anyway, the Mister had been working his tail off in the freezing cold Midwest. He was cold, lonely and bumming. So being the good little Wifey I am, I decided to make him a care package. He was on the move each night, but finally found a nice hotel in Canton Ohio that he was going to stay at for the remainder of his trip. So I called the hotel, got all his info (did you know hotel workers give the name, room number and duration of stay when you call?!) and got my cute little package ready Sunday night, all set out to send out Monday morning.

Some of the little treats were inspired by The awesome Dating Divas!

First up, a little sweet treat – My heart BURSTS for you!

Then some gum to freshen his breath:

And because he actually prefers flavored gum:

And because my lonely Bear was missing some Wifey hugs, some portable hugs! { The printable says “Thought you’d need some H.U.G.S XOXO Hate U Gone Sweetheart”}

And another sweet reminder:

In my last minute planning, I had grand ideas of doing a cute scrapbook/collage thing, but my head ran faster than my crafty fingers. So instead I just grabbed some old printed pics I had hanging around (like OLD… check out that blonde!) and I ended up making it a silly thing with some funny {inappropriate} sayings on the back of the poorly cropped photos.

The last few treats were just some paper love notes – the {very typical, cliche} Bible verse said at our wedding and engraved on our wedding bands plus a fun little maize.

I grabbed a bag of cutesy Valentine bags that I had left over from my friends bridal shower, stapled the index cards on the outside and packed it all up in a box.

I had called the hotel Sunday night and spoke to a lady who told me to make it get there faster, to do a 2-day shipping through UPS, not USPS. So Monday morning – off it went, guaranteed to be there by Wednesday!

So my care package made it to my sweet hubby and let him know how loved and appreciated he was – he loved it!


When talking to my Mister Tuesday night, I found out he was checking out of the hotel WEDNESDAY MORNING!! And the package was arriving WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.

So he never even got it!!! GADFALKSF;LASHDF;LASJFD

So now my cute little care package is sitting in a hotel in Ohio while my Mister is on his way back to me. Here’s to hoping there might by chance be another “Merrick” in room 425 to enjoy all the treats (and let’s hope by chance his wife is named Katie… or else the other Merrick might be in trouble!)

…Even the best laid plans. Sigh…

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  1. Hahaha! That is soo funny. Very sweet and thoughtful. But it did make me laugh.

  2. Oh no!!! Ha, ha. Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?? So I’d say that he should read this blog post and still know that you are the best wifey ever. :)

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