no a2dp.. no problem… (part 5)

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So I think I will finally end this stream of posts as I have finally finished my car.  It now does everything I want it to do, with the exception of one thing.  I will get into that..

So after waiting for forever iSimple started to finally ship out there BluStream, and it was available on March 5th for suppliers.  I had emailed the iSimple website for information and when it finally came back they said it will be shipping this week.  Silly me only went to their website to look for it.  As you can tell from the website it still is “COMING SOON”.  I finally google searched it and found it at (not to pleased with them so far..  my order was missing items!).  While waiting for my order to arrive I emailed the nice guys at AAMP of America again.  Here is what I found out that made me anxiously wait for this order to come…

They had published there first youtube video on the way the device worked.

Pretty cool stuff..  keep in mind they only demoed the iPhone, which lacks AVRCP (allows for play/pause, track forward and track back)!

The BluStream does support AVRCP, and it sure does work.  Here are a few things about the device:

  • with GM 11bit CAN BUS system, the steering wheel controls do not work
  • with GM 11bit CAN BUS system, everything is accessible via the headunit.  Meaning any operation you want to execute track forward/back, iPod control, phone call answer/reject, etc can be controlled from the radio.
  • with GM 11bit CAN BUS system, if using the BluStream for hands-free profile as well as A2DP the headunit must be in XM mode (aka XM, iPod, BT, or AUX) to receive a call.  If not, the bluetooth will be disconnected and the phone call will come through your phone.
  • with GM 29bit CAN BUS system, the steering wheel controls do work.  Up arrow is track up and down arrow is track back/answer and reject call.
  • with GM 29bit CAN BUS system, everything is accessible via the headunit.
  • with GM 29bit CAN BUS system, the radio can be in any mode, not just XM mode and everything will work.  Meaning if you are listening to the radio and a call comes in, it will connect and can be answered via steering wheel and or radio.

So that being said, the PXAMG and BluStream are amazing for GM 29bit CAN BUS systems.  GM’s 29-bit system is in pretty much any SUV.  Most sedans with the exception of maybe Cadillac use the 11-bit system.  My Sky is 11bit and my Torrent is 29bit.

Anyway, I was able to install the BluStream in my car yesterday, it took 10 minutes.  I had the glove compartment removed from when I connected the Droid dock.  As always, here are the pictures:

The BluStream.

This is all I needed to connect to my PXAMG unit.  It came with a microphone, but I was not planning on using this for hands-free profile as the SKY comes standard with bluetooth.

I had to unplug the PXAMG unit for 5 minutes to get it to refresh as per the instructions.

It is stored away nicely behind the glove compartment.

Viola! The finished product.  As you can see on the headunit it displays “DISCONNECTED”.  This is because I turned my phone off to see what would happen.  When streaming music it displays STREAMING and the music quality is no different than a CD, unlike that stupid FIPO which sounded worse than a FM transmitter!

The coolest part about all this is that when a phone call comes in it goes to my stock Sky bluetooth and when that call ends it goes back to streaming over the BluStream.  No reconnection necessary!

All in all pretty cool.  I really have to say a big shout out to the following peeps!

Well folks that about wraps it all up!  In less than 2 months, I was able to do everything I wanted to do with the exception of getting the steering wheel controls to track forward and back, but I can live without that.  I still have a complete factory look and a2dp.  I am happy.

I will soon make a nice post on the Pontiac Torrent with this running on the 29bit CAN BUS. =)

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