powering my dock…

so this one is pretty self explanatory.  I wanted the Droid dock to not have that annoying power cable be all over my dash.  Here is a picture of how it would look without this new modification.


So here is the picture write-up on what I did.  Enjoy!

As you can see there are a lot of little things to make this work.   The dock, the Droid, the additional cigarette lighter socket, the add-a-circuit, the appropriate fuse, and 3M command strips.

I had to strip the cigarette lighter socket leads.

I had removed the piano black panel from the sky when I was adding the PXAMG unit and brought it into my place to have a more stable place to mount the dock.  Of course before you mount anything make sure to wipe it down with alcohol wipes.

I attached the 3M command strips to the Droid dock so that the strips cannot be seen from the front, but if need be the removal tabs are accessible.

The dock is securely mounted to the panel.  It is strong enough so that while I am in the car I can pull my phone out without having to hold the dock.

I needed to route the micro-usb cable through the dash.

This is where the usb cable came out from the dash.   It will eventually go behind this lower panel to reach the fuse box.

All the parts I need for this to work, which includes some wire nuts, a 6ft piece of 12 gauge wire and the rest I mentioned above.

By using the existing cigarette lighter socket I determined which cable was ground and which was hot on the new socket. The hot wire was connected to the add-a-circuit.

To ground the new socket I needed to get to a ground underneath this center panel.  It was held by 3 clips.

I popped the back two off and wanted to see where the third clip was.  So I lifted the panel and snapped a picture.  I found you sucker!

The belly of the panel.

With the panel removed, you can see how easy it is to connect the ground.

I routed my grounding wire up the side paneling.

The other end came out here.  Stupid sand got into my car from the various rains we’ve had in Orange County. Today was a beautiful enough day for me to wash and detail my car.  Of course after the install! : )

With the fuse box open I connected the new circuit with the socket attached.  I am using a USB car charger to make sure it works.

Using a wire nut I connect the ground wire to the new socket.

TADA!  The light came on!  I connected the socket to a switched fuse, meaning only when the ignition is on will the socket get power.  You don’t want to drain the battery of your car.

I connected the USB cable and tucked the wires into the fuse box.

All hidden!  Still haven’t put the glove box back yet as I am waiting for the BluStream to arrive.  Read my previous posts regarding a2dp.

I had originally just tested the ground wire, but now I have connected it.

I put the cover back on..  Nothing to see!

Time to install the panel with the dock connected.

Popped it in and as you can see this is all the wire that is exposed to power the dock.   I had some concerns that this might eventually cause this cable damage, but I got this cable off ebay for $1.49.   If it breaks for whatever reason, I can easily replace it.

It looks very nice!  If you look carefully, you can see the green battery with the charging symbol.

You can’t see any cables, unless you go behind the unit and even then it is less than 2″ that you can actually see.

Yup it’s charging!

There you have it!  Pretty easy stuff once you know what you are doing.  I am still waiting on the BluStream which I placed an order last Monday.  I ordered one for me and one for the Torrent.  Once I get these in my hand, I can finally close up my car and complete what I set out to do two months ago.

O diem praeclarum!

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