and Dr. Dre said…

“nothing you idiots!  Dr. Dre’s dead, he’s locked in my basement!”  -  Eminem in The Real Slim Shady

not true at all..   Of course Dr. Dre isn’t dead!  Dr. Dre can’t be heard though.  You know why?  Because of my new awesome noise canceling Beats by Dr. Dre!  Check out my awesome unboxing photos..

nice shrink wrapped box!

plastic off!

out slides another awesome red box..

inside you find some elaborate compartments..

all these nice accessories tucked in here..   It comes with a cell phone cable and an airplane adapter.  What more could you want?

a nice rugged case to travel with..

and inside sits the nicest headphones ever (yup they are ranked a few notches above the BOSE ones..)

and transformers.. mordametreon.. (only my brother will get this!)

batteries to turn the noise canceling on..

threw some rechargeable batteries in but they were dead.. : (

the sweet red audio cable attached.

a little B.O.B. to test out… simply stunning these little, rather big, headphones.

and finally it all packed up and placed in the nice case..

I just realized I have a thing for red on black??  These headphones match my car spot on..

So why did I get these awesome bad@$$ headphones??  Well the truth is the little lady and I are doing some traveling.  For the next month straight I will be on the road, rather in the air.  I fly a lot, probably the most in my family.  I probably fly at least once every two months sometimes up to three times in a month.  So after thinking I am going to be doing over 100+ hours in the air in the next few weeks I thought I might give in and enjoy my flights a little bit more!  I used to take my iPod on flights.. then my Droid.. and now my Netbook, but the problem with all of those is I have to peak out the volume and I still can’t hear the song or movie.  The engine noise is just too loud!  I feel flying is the best time to just relax, grab a few tunes, or see a movie you always wanted to watch or catch an in-flight movie that you normally wouldn’t see.  So I thought it would be the time to try out some quality noise canceling headphones.  So far I have to say I am super impressed.

Anyway, I am leaving on a jet plane to head back to the muthaland, followed by a stop at Topsail Island in North Carolina..  When all is said and done and I get back to California I get the pleasure to unpack and repack to go to Australia, my first international business trip.  Although I am excited about all of this I am going to be a disaster when I finally get home and get a minute to breathe.  The jet-lag coupled with all the work I need to catch up on will probably kill me, but for all of you who know me, you know that I shine in these moments.  I really do thrive on a good challenge.

Anyway peeps it is true I have been very bad about blogging, but I will try to do better…  well at least after I recover from my trip in the air.

So I guess I will leave you with how much I have grown in the past 6 years!

need sleep
can you tell I am jet lagged??

how about now?

me and mo
then on the beaches in India..

me and mo2
6 years later on the beaches of california…

Anyway, although I am super excited about this trip.. I don’t feel like it will really sink in till I get on that plane and fly off to the east side!  Which reminds me..  I will add another 6 to 8 airports to my list of airports I have been too.  I guess I will save that for another post.

ego sum decessio in a jet plagiarius

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K.TeezyJune 19th, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Tempus Fugit indeed! You boys clean up good. Time has done you well. =)

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